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Hotel networks that mean business

Reivernet designs and manages complex ICT networks. We provide 24/7 configuration, monitoring, security, and support for our global clients. Our experienced teams use advanced systems and processes to troubleshoot, resolve and document your complex network issues for you, keeping your business secure – even while you sleep.

Cameron Astill

Global Director

Danielle Fenton

General Manager

Thana Lekshmi

Regional General Manager
South East Asia

Alex Isaiu

Regional General Manager

Matt Fenton

General Manager
Technical Services

Terry Parkinson

Regional General Manager
New Zealand and Pacific

What brings you here?

Hotel Executives

Reivernet has had same shareholders since 2003. Today we boast offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Sydney, Auckland and Suva. Partners offices in Shanghai, Mumbai, Colombo and Riyadh. Reivernet is endorsed by all 5 of the global hotel brands in the regions we operate. We do not name our customers or leverage their brand. Contact us with any questions you may have about our service offering.

Hopeful Employee

The Reivernet team is always seeking team members with an awesome attitude. Hotel experience is preferred. We are looking for team mates who fit our ‘can do attitude’. If you think you can impress us, please send us an email with 200-words or less of what you would bring to our team. We do not need to see your resume at this point.

Hotel Guests

If you are a guest or visitor at a hotel and require technical support please call the number provided by the hotel for support. Please note that we are NOT an ISP. We build, manage and support data networks for hotels. Contact us if you have a general enquiry on our service offering.

Future Partners

If you operate in a region we don’t operate in (yet) and you are interested in offering our services, please email us in bullet points the two major benefits to you in having our services, the three benefits to us in having you represent us, and the four major benefits for local hotel operators.

Curious Competitors

We get asked all the time, ‘what is our magic?’. It’s simple: we have solid team of smart, hard-working people, our software has over 15 years of algorithms constructed to allow our servers to find devices in lightning speed, and we truly care about our customers and their guests. Find out more.

Potential Suppliers

We don’t make many new buying decisions in a year and we seldom on-board new suppliers in our mature market space. Our biggest external expenditure in a year is typical on network hardware pre-selected by our customer base’s head offices and set globally. Our local offices make their own purchasing decisions around labour hire, travel and office consumables. Contact us here.

Our Security

As part of the Reivernet Group of Companies, Reivernet keeps security front and centre of all business via the Reivernet Group’s Zero Trust approach to network security.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) describes the technology that allows for the establishment of 'zero trust' - an IT security model assuming that threats can come from both inside and outside a network.

Click on the image to find out more about the Reivernet Group’s approach to security. NOTE - this link will take you to the Reivernet Group website.